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Small Stuart Baker Steel Eagle

Small Stuart Baker Steel Eagle

The True Sculpture Studio

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This is a pocket size power house of a sculpture with the Eagle being made with welded nails which in turn has been welded to a free form molten steel mount.  The shadows this piece make with a raking light are outstanding. 

On the underside of the base it still retains the Artist's label albeit strangely in a mirror form 'STEWART BAKER METAL ARTS'. Sadly,  we have not been able to identify any other information about the artist. 

Age:        circa 1980s

Height:   18.5 cm (7.1/4 inches)

Width:    24.1cm  (9.1/5 inches)

Depth:    19 cm (7.1/2 inches)

Weight:   1.4 kg   (3.1lbs)  

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on:


Tele: 07702 660259
Tele: +447702 66025

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