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Small Antique Northern European Madonna & Christ Child in Lime Wood

Small Antique Northern European Madonna & Christ Child in Lime Wood

The True Sculpture Studio

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This genuine antique Madonna and Christ Child  is exquisitely carved in Lime Wood.  The unknown artist has managed to beautifully capture the movement of the Madonna's flowing gown and head scarf whilst retaining an atmosphere of serenity and piety, a testament to the Artist's talent given the pieces diminutive size. 

The sculpture is very difficult to date as it has been created in a Northern European Renaissance style which remained in fashion for hundreds of years. However it retains a very old catalogue label on the base which has the date '4.8.80' (see close up image), therefore we have conservatively dated it as between 1800 & 1880. 

We believe it originated from either France, the Netherlands or Germany but again this is difficult to define. 

It would appear she, the Madonna would  originally have had a metal halo as there is a small hole in the top of her head, but this does not take away from the elegance and poise of this beautiful sculpture. 

Age:        Circa 1800 - 1880

Height:   20 cm (7.7/8 inches)

Width:    7 cm (2.3/4 inches)

Depth:    5 cm (1.7/8 inches)

Weight:   164 grammes   (5.8ozs)

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