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R G Laws Abstract Form in Oak dated 2001

R G Laws Abstract Form in Oak dated 2001

The True Sculpture Studio

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This is an intriguing piece in every way from it's elegant lines folding in on themselves to the 'MMI' Roman Numeral dating, and the fact we have not been able to identify the artist. We are not even sure whether the Artist's stamped signature should be read 'R G LAWS' or 'R GLAWS' Whichever it is they have showcased their talent with this beautifully tactile and sensual sculpture.

Age:        dated 2001

Height:   20.3 cm (8 inches)

Width:    8.8 cm  (3.1/2 inches)

Depth:    6.3 cm (2.1/2 inches)

Weight:  404 grammes   (14.3 ozs)

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Tele: +447702 66025

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