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Mid Twentieth Century Centaur in Oak

Mid Twentieth Century Centaur in Oak

The True Sculpture Studio

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This is a wonderfully tactile hand carved Mid Twentieth Century Sculpture of a Centaur. The unknown artist has achieved a real sense of muscular power with the piece's form and heavily textured surface. Sadly, it is unsigned but believed to be English and dating from 1950 -70s. There is one corner of the integral base which was either a natural shape to the original piece of oak or a small section removed by the artist, at the time of carving (see close up image). However, the patina is consistent with the whole piece, so this is not later damage, and it does not detract from the true presence of this sculpture. 

Age:        circa 1950 - 70s

Height:   38cm  (15 inches)

Width:    22.8cm  (9 inches)

Depth:    10.2cm (4 inches)

Weight:   2.6 kg   (5.6 lbs) 

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