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Alonso W P Kettless Abstract Swimming Creature in Yew

Alonso W P Kettless Abstract Swimming Creature in Yew

The True Sculpture Studio

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This whimsical Abstract Swimming Creature in Yew Wood was hand carved by the Suffolk artist Alonso W .P Kettless. It appears he has created this piece from a Yew Branch and then mounted with brass rods into a Burr Oak base.  Alonso has used ebony inlay for the eyes and the tail spots. The Sculpture is signed with the Artist's chiselled signature and on the base it still retains it's original label. This label indicates this would have been one of Alonso's later pieces dating between 1995 and 2006.  Although fanciful in form, the Artist still captured the serpentine movement of the creature as it moves through the water.

Age:        circa 1995 - 2006

Height:   11.4 cm  (4.3/4inches)

Width:    48.2 cm  (19 inches)

Depth:    7.6 cm (3 inches)

Weight:  667 grammes  (1.5 lbs)


Alonzo was a Suffolk based Artist who was a member and exhibitor at the Beccles Society of Artists.  Alonzo was the author of several books on wood decoration including 'Modern Woodwork' (1969), 'Decorative Woodwork' (1970) and 'Designs for Wood' (1975).


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